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"Haulage Contractors | Often imitated, never equalled"

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Livestock Transport

Livestock Transport

"It requires very little knowledge to care passionately about animals. It requires a great deal of understanding to care properly for them."

Edward Gilder is a third Generation Livestock Haulier with in excess of eight decades of experience and knowledge handed down over the years.

Add to this the clear advantage with an accurate attention to detail when planning livestock movements, we lead the way when it comes to Professional livestock haulage.

We also provide services and solutions for our customers that others simply can not.

A wide and varied fleet of livestock vehicles, all of which are equipped with lifting decks, water drinkers, mechanical ventilation, temperature monitoring and satellite tracking

Above Standard Bio-Security Protocols which are stringently implemented to provide our customers with confidence that Edward Gilder & Co are proactive in reducing the risk to the health status of their animals

Bio-Secure Transport for high health breeding animals using our specifically designed fully enclosed livestock vehicles equipped with sterile UV light conditioned air flow ventilation systems, reducing acceptability to airborne diseases whilst in transit

International Transport Service for breeding animals only

Own operated EU, APHA, RED Tractor & RSPCA FREEDOM FOODS Approved Livestock Collection Centre, Staging Post & Lairage for cattle, sheep and pigs with a milking service for dairy animals

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